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Sophie B

We welcome the first entry for the Cape to Rio 2020: the Swan411 “Sophie B”.

The crew aboard Sophie B are holding true to a promise they made at the prize giving of the Cape to Rio 2017 Race, to sail this race again…

The Moultrie brothers, Harry and Tom, together with Petri Salonen and Oliver Steynor compiled the most amazing voyage blog in the last race – please visit it at – that embodies the colourful and full experience that is the Cape to Rio Race…

Here’s part of a beautiful reflective missive signing off after the last race:

We are humbled beyond belief, by the cries of exhortation, by the care and concern shown by so many. To everyone who has shared our journey, thank you. And now for the sentimental part. It’s been the trip of a lifetime. Literally, a dream come true. That we have ended up coming second in our class, both across the line and on handicap, is an unexpected bonus. Winning was not our primary goal. But we have made it across an ocean, two brothers and two others, with remarkable equanimity……Will there be another journey?

Question asked, question answered. Welcome to the next Adventure of a Lifetime!

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