Deep Blue Adriana is a brave 46ft Bavaria, and she has adventure written all over her DNA. Her first nautical miles were taken from Cape Verde to Luanda, Angola, including a full course menu: malfunctions; upwinds, downwinds, doldrums; and many other events that are not meant for public consumption.

On her first journey, she did 3.200 NM straight, non-stop.

While in Angola, Adriana had plenty of fun at regattas, sailing along its beautiful coast, and so many gourmet gatherings, i.e., a bit of sailing and a lot of eating and drinking. On board caipirinhas prepared in large bowls is, or was, one of its best kept secrets.

Then she started feeling the urge to live an adventurous life again, and persuaded us that coming to Cape Town , double handed, would be a jolly good idea – and it took her 29 days at sea and 4.000 NM straight (her longest beat with south easter on the nose). Now Adriana is looking forward to her next adventure: sailing double handed again, to Rio, with lucky number 13!


Make: Bavaria 46
Design: Bavaria
Boat Type: Monohull
LOA: 14.48m
Beam: 4.48m
Draft: 1.95m


Owner: Diamantino Leitao
Number of Crew: 2
Club: Clube Naval de Luanda CNL
Country: Angola