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What is the minimum number of crew a boat can have?

The minimum number of crew is set at 4 throughout the fleet unless specifically entered into the Double Handed division. The race does not accommodate single handed entries.

Do I have to have two Yachtmaster Ocean skippers onboard?

Yachtmaster Ocean or Offshore is preferable however please see section 5.2.2 “Minimum Crew Standards” of the NOR for other possible options.

Is there a minimum length my boat has to been in order to be able to enter?

Yes, a boat must be of at least 30ft or 9.35m to enter

Is there accommodation available at the yacht club in Cape Town?

No, however we are in the process of arranging competitor discounts at specified hotels near the club.

Can I do the race solo/single handed?

No, the race does not accommodate single handed entries.

Can I stack the weather rail with sails like they do in the Volvo Ocean Race to get weight on the high side?

Absolutely not. The Volvo Ocean Race is a Class of Boats which allows it in their rules.. This event is IRC which does not allow stacking of rails or repacking the contents of the boat to the weather side for weight purposes. Even a Volvo boat would need to comply to this for the race as they would be under the IRC Rules.

I note that there are no motoring allowances for multihulls or slower monohulls, why not?

The Cape to Rio Race is a Transatlantic race not a Rally. In order to take into account the slower boats the race has been split into two starts allowing adequate timing for the smaller boats to make the cut off. Notwithstanding, It is also important to bear in mind, that one cannot state you have sailed across the Atlantic if in fact you have partly motored.

Can I get weather advice?

Absolutely not. From the prep signal to the finish gun you may not receive any advice or information that is not made freely available to the whole fleet. So any weather routing information cannot be conveyed to your boat. You will need to do your own routing aboard. You can download grib files providing the source is open access.

I am entering a very large boat with a deep draught, can this be accommodated.

Yes, please contact the race office to discuss the details, all the larger boats will be accommodated in the V&A precinct.

If we experience damage in the race can we go into Port and after repair continue the race?

Yes, you can suspend racing, document your position, advise race control and follow any additional instructions that they give to comply, complete your repairs, return to your previous position and resume racing, however you may not take on additional provisions ashore e.g. water.

If I have a water maker on the boat, do I need to carry water?

Yes, there are rules and guidelines to follow, but bear in mind a water maker is a machine. Machines can fail, therefore you need to allow for contingency.

Are there going to be special priced one way flights to return?

Yes, these normally only get advised closer to the event, but all past events have managed to negotiate good deals.

I am keen to participate as a member of a crew and am willing to make a proper contribution to the costs of the entry what do I do?

For all people who want to race there is a section on the race site where you can make yourself available, however those that are willing to make a contribution to boat costs of more than one’s “fair share” should contact the race office, whom could best advise.

I don’t plan to race but am keen to view all the race boats?

There will be ample opportunity to view the race boats with Open day’s etc. closer to the start date, where you might even be able to be given a tour aboard some of the race boats.

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